Monday, August 29, 2016

Florida Democratic Primary: Everyone Else

I did the US Senate race a while ago, and here's everyone else! (Why yes, I did put this off until the night before the election. How better to honor my academic history? ;)

Candidates are listed in ballot order, with lots of links provided so you can check things out and decide for yourself. Author endorsements marked with ⋆stars⋆ for your ease and convenience.

Florida State Senator, District 19

Ed Narain:
⋆Betty Reed⋆
Augie Ribiero:
Darryl Rouson:
  • Also experienced
  • Voting history is a big mixed bag. Tried to put Kratom on Schedule 1, and ban the sale of "powdered alcohol" - but also sponsored some decent bills that would have helped support people in poverty. None of these bills have actually passed tho so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • Issues page is decent, and specifically mentions reproductive rights, so that's cool

Florida State Representative, District 70
(Which happens to be Darryl Rouson's current House seat)
(Which means ideally I'm looking for someone who is better than Rouson, if possible.)

CJ Czaia:
Dan Fiorini:
  • Issues page is mostly cool, but is more notable for what it leaves out, namely any mention of discrimination by race, gender, sexuality, etc. The only reference he makes is about refunding Planned Parenthood, which is good, but not enough. Great stances on labor, though!
  • One of the things I found is his response to a paper's endorsement of someone else, which is informative for both its content and its tone. I am less than impressed
Wengay Newton:
  • His website looks like something I might have made in Geocities in the early aughts and it hurts us, precious
  • I was really hoping his issues page would redeem him, but... ugh. Nope. I'm sorry. I am having trouble seeing the substance through the lack of style
(None of these are better than Rouson, from what I can see. I endorse no one. Good luck.)

County Judge, Group 8

⋆Dora Komninos⋆
  • Lead trial attorney for domestic violence unit at the Pinellas-Pasco Attorney's Office.
  • Her record (which I assume is reflected on her News page) is reflective of her experience, involving DV cases
CK Korsko

County Judge, Group 9

Dwight Dudley
⋆Myriam Irizarry⋆

School Board Member, District 1 (At Large)

Based on the info I've found on Ballotpedia, especially their answers to the TBT forum questions, I am likely voting for ⋆Joanne Lentino⋆ as she:
  1. Is a retired teacher
  2. Is actually endorsed by teachers' and educational associations
  3. Seems to actually know what she's doing, including basic stuff like "answering the questions as asked" (you would think this wouldn't be a problem, but seriously, check out some of her competitors' answers).

Amendment 4:
  • Basically "Do you want solar power equipment to be exempt from property taxes Y/N?"
  • I like solar, so I'll probably say yes
  • More info on Ballotpedia

Check out my review of the candidates for US Senate here.

If there is something I left out that you think is important to know about these candidates, please share it with me in comments! The more we know, the better able we are to make good decisions in the upcoming elections.

Know your candidates, know your districts, know your dates, and GO! VOTE!

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