Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In the wake of the NV Democratic Convention...

I am deeply, deeply disappointed in the misinformation the Sanders' campaign is continuing to spread. For example:
I'm beyond words to describe my feelings towards Sanders' enabling silence regarding the abuse and harassment that his supporters are directing at NV Democrats. Despite the token chastisement offered by the spokesperson in the above video, Bernie Sanders himself has not spoken (or written) a word about this since before the NV convention, and has reportedly dodged questions on the topic. Unacceptable. 

It's no accident that the worst of the abuse is being directed towards women - Barbara Boxer and Roberta Lange in particular. This is the same pattern of behavior that the "Bernie Bros" have been up to for quite some time.

I have said that this is not my revolution, political or otherwise; this is what I meant. This isn't what my progressive movement looks like. And it shouldn't be yours, either.

If you support Bernie and you're thinking to yourself, "This doesn't represent me!": Good. It shouldn't. Now please do the work to correct these abusive harassers. Push back against what they're doing. Push Sanders to step up and condemn them. Don't argue with me about #notAllBernieSupporters. Go and collect your people so they stop this bullshit.