Thursday, March 24, 2016

Please Stop

My response to the above obnoxious headline (from Feministing of all places!) is not so much a fact-check as it is an observation: that Clinton's support of Israel can be considered rightward of Trump's position only because Trump's statement on Israel-Palestine relations was a handwaving, posturing, ignorant non-statement which he's already fucking contradicted - which is well in accordance with his foreign policy positions in general. Saying Clinton is rightward of Trump means literally nothing when Trump's positions change day-to-day, especially since he knows fuck-all about foreign policy and is clearly making this shit up as he goes along.

On top of that, there is genuine reason to believe that a Donald Trump presidency would be uniquely dangerous for many people in the US and abroad. Headlines that draw equivalency between Clinton and Trump elide this very scary truth.

So if you give a shit about keeping Trump out of office, please stop making this inaccurate and harmful comparison. Stop signal-boosting posts that make this inaccurate and harmful comparison. I ask this in part because there are a whole lot of them...

a screenshot of a Google News search in which four separate articles make mention of Hillary being rightward in relation to Trump

...and in part because I am really, really scared of a Trump presidency.

Please. Stop.

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