Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Link Dump

I spend a lot of time looking stuff up on the internet. So here is some stuff I've learned recently:

  • I didn't know that, because of Obama, the DNC had a ban on accepting donations from lobbyists and PACs starting in 2008, which was just dropped in February of this year.

    Part of me is like PLEASE GIVE THE DEMOCRATS MONEY because I am currently living in a place where Republicans are making life miserable. Another part of me is like THIS IS PROBABLY NOT GOOD PRECEDENT. It's like drug companies funding drug trials, y'know? It's a red flag for corruption, but good science (policy/law) might very well be the result. And it's hard to know which is going to be which until the situation plays itself out.

  • All Class C senators are up for reelection this year. If you don't know if that means anything for your state, I invite you to check out the Wikipedia page and take a look at your own state. I also spent a while Googling stuff like "[my state] democratic senate primary" and "[my state] democratic house primary", and writing election dates in my calendar. I highly recommend Ballotpedia for more info on your state and local elections!

  • I learned a little bit about the general grammar/syntax of ASL! I understand that local grammars are likely to vary a lot and the thing to do is to actually pay attention to how folks around me are using language, but I found the refresher and guidelines helpful and interesting.

  • I also found this Facebook video which made me laugh, because IT TRUE.

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