Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Signal Boost

Greta Christina is raising funds for a really awesome sounding erotic novel that I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT. Click here and check it out. Like, right now. Do it. Go!

I spend so much time in the fanfiction world, I forget that writing erotica is something that people do for a living, where there are WHOLE BOOKS written by ACCOMPLISHED, SKILLED WRITERS with PAID EDITORS. Ahem. Plus this giant spoonful of awesome that is part of Greta Christina's writing philosophy:
I hate erotica that's, "plot, sex scene, plot, sex scene." I don't see these as separate. Erotica is much hotter when you get a sense of what the sex feels like -- not just what's happening physically, but the emotions, the sensations, how this sex is going to change the characters' lives.
 And for $100 she'll include the Kill Your Darlings draft, so amateurs like me can see how it's done?


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