Monday, September 21, 2015

No More

The new season of Doctor Who just started this week!

And I am not doing any more damn recaps.

Recapping Doctor Who was easy to do, back when I thought there were exciting things building up to an exciting reveal. But then that reveal never came, and instead the show went in an entirely different direction.

It's a direction I'm not terribly excited about. There's a constant stream of really obnoxious things said about women and Scots. The characterization is disregarded in order to (attempt to) deliver big flashy emotional scenes, e.g.: Danny Pink's speech in Death in Heaven.

On top of that, there's HUGE plot holes. Like: HOW EXACTLY does sticking a golden arrow into the hull in any way provide gold for the circuits inside a ship? And: how did a planetary forest manage to return a missing little girl? For that matter, how did that little girl survive for a year missing? WHAT THE HELL WAS UNDER THAT GODDAMN BLANKET THO.

None of these things are addressed. It doesn't even look like they're trying to construct coherent stories anymore. I'm tired of hoping endlessly for what could be, with no payoff but disappointment.

In my last written review, I said: "Moffat, you terrible, gorgeous genius. Don't let me down."

Well, consider me let down. So: no more recaps.

I'll still be watching, because it's the show that brought me and my companion together. But instead of enthusiastically squeeing about each new episode, I'll be rolling my eyes and throwing popcorn until they've sorted out stuff like "basic characterization" and "plot construction".