Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I was going to promote this, and then it sold out

If you haven't already bought a ticket, you should be jealous of people who are going to...

... in part because YOURS TRULY is going to be a panelist there!

I'll be at the first panel, covering predictions for S7, the 50th, and beyond.  (Hoo boy, do I have some things to say about that, let me tell you.)  Then again at the Relationships in Who panel, and then the very last panel which is Tennant vs. Smith.

All the props to Ken Spivey and company for organizing this thing.  That man is *the* reason I found the local Who convention scene in the first place.  And his hair is oh so fluffy!

If you do happen to have a ticket, I'll be very recognizable.  I'm cosplaying as The Corsair - and coincidentally, the whole thing happens over Gasparilla, the Tampa pirate festival.  Molto bene!

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