Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I just had the nicest customer service exchange

And there's a good chance that I could have had an identical conversation with a modified Eliza.
But only a really, really cool modified Eliza.

16:49:09 Muse: Hi, I just got my order... and it's the wrong thing. Do I talk to you about that, or would you please direct me to the restaraunt?
You are now speaking with Bijan of Eat24 Support.
16:49:38 Bijan: Hello Krista
16:49:51 Muse: Hello!
16:49:52 Bijan: You can always let us know about how your order is and we'll take care of it for you
16:49:59 Bijan: May I ask, what went wrong with your order?
16:50:09 Muse: I ordered a chicken and ham calzone, and I got what looks like a sausage or hamburger pizza
16:50:29 Bijan: Oh wow, that's incredibly wrong
16:50:36 Bijan: And no calzone?!?!?!
16:50:43 Muse: Nope :(
16:50:49 Bijan: That's messed up
16:50:52 Muse: I did get the 2-liter I ordered
16:51:12 Muse: so it's not all terrible, heh
16:52:04 Bijan: I think the restaurant may be giving you a call shortly
16:52:06 Muse: the delivery guy ran back down my steps before I had a chance to check
16:52:20 Muse: kewl
16:54:17 Muse: they just called, and are bringing my order! thank you
16:54:26 Bijan: Nice! You're welcome, Krista =)

So basically what I'm saying is, is great and you should patronize them.

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