Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things what I have been reading and watching

I saw The Hobbit!  My brief summary goes something like:

Martin Freeman is Bilbo.  The "Good morning!" scene, the dwarven dinner, and then when they busted out with "That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!" a part of my childhood came to life, and it was marvelous.  Right now I'm not up for posting a proper review.  But it is coming, oh yes, it is.

I also read this awesome bit about the 11th Doctor as asexual.  I left a comment full of squee (currently in moderation, but I'm not an ass so I think it'll get approved), because YES.  Even though he does kiss, like, everyone.  A lot of people.  ALL THE PONDS.  Etc.

Here is some squeeing about Adventure Time, which I got to watch on my last trip to the West coast.  Adventure Time deserves all the squeeing.  So good.

I spent a disproportionate amount of time watching the Yogscast this weekend too, while plowing through my giant pile o' finals grading.

I have so far focused on the good stuff, in part because positive triggers help stabilize me.  If you want nothing but reminders of joy, you should stop reading here.

Because I've also done a substantial amount of reading (and a little bit of crying) regarding the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook. Most notably, a lot of very smart people have called for progress regarding gun control, the common refrain being: "If not now, when?"  Earlier this year The Onion pointed out, in a lolsobby way, that for some people the answer is "never".  But its specific response to this instance is spot-on exactly how I feel.

Also, the "Good" Men Project totally jumped the shark what with a really god-awful series of rape-culture-supporting posts.  Jill at Feministe took it down in two good posts, and Thomas over at Yes Means Yes meticulously detailed the reasoning-fails by the anti-Yes-Means-Yes-model folks.  As a palate-cleanser, you may enjoy this anti-rape-culture advice from Captain Awkward, to someone who is trying to pull the same faux-plausible-deniability BS as the "Good" Men Project folks.

Wow, I am full of hyphenation tonight!

Aaaaand I'm also up too late.  Again.  Time to do something about that.  G'night all!

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