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The Power Of Three

My very, very brief no-spoilers take on this can be summed up just so:

The characters are amazing, and I loved so much about this episode, but even this obsessive fangirl is getting tired of PWP? fanservice.

Spoilers behind the cut, for this and for older episodes as I enthuse about my favorites and rant out my loose-end fatigue.

HOW GREAT IS KATE STEWART?  Please let's see more of her, yes.  SO much good repartee, and I love the new UNIT.  I'm working my way through classic Who, and I'm really looking forward to the Second Doctor now. Especially since Matt Smith said that Troughton was his favorite.

Speaking of Matt Smith, I heart Eleven's shenanigans.

I LOVED the Doctor's cardiac arrest scene.  From beginning to end.  The old-timey almost-swears, the insulting entire species thing that's conserved across all the Doctors, the stupid little dance...

All of it.  Matt Smith's take on the Doctor gets an A+++

In trying to piece together my headcanon, I really think that there's a distinctive difference between the Doctor at the beginning of this episode, all emotional and flighty and a little bit dangerous, and the Doctor when he decides to stay.  "I don't want them to be impressive; I want them vulnerable, with a nice Achilles heel."  Seriously, that's harsh even for the Doctor, and his stir-crazy tantrum... and then he wants to stay?  He misses them?  This Doctor isn't that nice... and Amy knows what it means when the Doctor is nice to people.  All of that talk about flaring and fading.

And then.  AND THEN.  When the Ponds go a-traveling on their anniversary, they ended up hiding under Henry VIII's bed after Amy accidentally married him, and this definitely happened:


You guys, the Ponds' timelines aren't synchronized with the Doctor's, and I TOTALLY CALLED IT!  Timey-wimeyness, ahoy.  Thanks, Moff, you're brilliant, very well done.  I'll be piecing together my predicted order after I cover The Angels Take Manhattan, but I already have my prediction pretty well worked out.  That little nod, plus all of the wonderful moments with the Doctor and his Ponds all BFF, are all I ever wanted in a Doctor Who episode.

But still, I am dissatisfied.  I mean, the characters and the continuity are all masterfully done, but I also kind of like a good plot?  I was disappointed with the cube invasion storyline.  So I guess the Shakri are a thing?  And the Tally?  These things are supposed to sound big and important, but it comes off as cliched and hack-y.  All of this stuff is "Time Lord legend" but you can't just go inventing new legends in a show that's been on for fifty years.  Though I guess you can, considering that the past is always changing.  But it's exhausting.

Though maybe they'll eventually explain everything and I'll lose my shit and fall on my knees and praise the genius of Moffat, but given the Moff's track record of random "What the hell, are you going to explain that? Okay I guess not" moments, I just can't keep the faith anymore.

And by "moments", I mean huge freaking deals.  Like the random pilotless TARDIS in The Lodger, which was vaguely tied to the Silence in Day of the Moon, but not in a way that actually makes narrative sense without huge extrapolation.  Also, who took control of the TARDIS and made it explode when the Pandorica opened?  Are you ever going to explain that shit?  I was promised the Fall of the Eleventh, the Fields of Trenzalore, etc and so forth.  Now Amy and Rory are freaking gone, they're GONE, and all of this is going to happen without them?  And you're dropping hints about Judgment Day, and all the lights are flickering, and every episode has a Christmas reference.  All of these loose ends are getting really. bloody. annoying is all I'm saying.

But even if/when they get around to developing those things, I don't think they'll get around to explaining the Q-bert guys in this ep.  Seriously, there is zero explanation for that.  I mean, of course I could construct one out of Doctor Who tropes, a la "They converted the people on the ship into servants via sufficiently advanced technology, because their robotics capabilities only extended as far as small creepy children and not big creepy adults, and something about the process makes them look like Qbert," but I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO TELL THAT STORY.  That is the job of the writers!  I know you're on deadlines, my dears, but the plot is kind of a basic thing in a story.

That said, I really like the little nods at timey-wimeyness.  Not just the wibbly-wobbly continuity, but things like Brian sitting in the TARDIS for four days on the outside, who knows how long on the inside.  Brian knowing they'd been gone because of their clothing.

Oh, Brian.  I'll end with my love for the Williams family.

Rory and Brian are both adorable.

They're simply the best.


It's good to know I'm not the only one who ships Doctor/Rory.  Chris Chibnall, I agree with the linked tumblr - please write for Sherlock.  The plots are already written, and you are amazing at all the rest.

Stay tuned for Angels!

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