Friday, November 30, 2012

Here is a list of good things about today

  • I practiced my thesis defense presentation for the first time today, and got a lot of solid, concrete feedback which will be very easy to implement!
  • The departmental meeting I attended was informative, interesting, and relevant to my interests!
  • I provided significant assistance to a labmate who was having coding problems!
  • The research assistants who work with me expressed how much our lab has contributed to their love of science!
  • It is a very close friend's Big Round Numbers birthday!
  • I spent less than 5 hours on campus today!
  • I found a convenient parking spot as soon as I pulled into the lot!
  • I was on time for everything!
  • I ate at least one full meal!
  • It's warm enough outside to still wear flip-flops!
  • My bank account is still well in the green!
This is a thing that I saw today and it amused me very much!

I've been perseverating on my fuck-ups all day.  (All month... all year... all my life?)

I need a few moments of undiluted positivity to reactivate better feels.  Feel free to join in with more good vibes in the comments! 

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