Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor Who blognote

So, in case you'd forgotten about my previous reaction to the last two episodes in Doctor Who S7, p1, here's a brief summary:

Yeah that's pretty much all I had for a while.

I'd been waiting, oh had I been waiting, with bated breath on the edge of my seat, insert your favorite cliche here!, for the series to focus on the companions. My previous reviews all complained about the companions being short shrifted, so when it finally happened, all of that built up anticipation short-circuited the part of my brain that is able to make words come out in coherent order.

I don't think I've adequately expressed how bad it's been.

You guys, I've been avoiding watching anything with Eleven in it, or writing about this, because I don't want to actually work through all the feels that I have about it with words.

If I were in that creepy hotel on a spaceship with the fear-minotaur, this review is what would be behind that door.  (My faith?  "I'll get it done tomorrow.")

I've been procrastinating on writing this... by spending time on my thesis.

You guys.  This is the opposite of what is right.

Winter is coming.  I can't stay this hung up, not if I'm going to have room in my heart to welcome new companion Oswin at Christmas.

I'm currently on holiday in my hometown (which, to make a parenthetical digression, is SO AWESOME, there's like actual SEASONS here, and it's even extra more exciting because MY CHILDHOOD BEST FRIEND IS NOW A WHOVIAN!  So I'm bringing my sonic screwdriver and we're hopefully going to squee a lot and there's a solid chance that my ridiculous Doctor Who references will finally have an audience!  (Although probably not my OTP.) Okay, wow, yeah, digression; back to the sentence ) and I am not doing work on my vacation.  Seriously, it's against the slacker code.

But when I return?  Oh, it's on.  Like Donkey Kong.

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