Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yep, I'm back!

I've updated my blagroll and everything!

Here are some reasons why I've been gone so long:

  • Grad school is hard
  • No, seriously, it's really fucking hard
  • Even when it's not hard, it takes up a lot of time
  • I got into one of those relationships where everything else falls by the wayside
  • That relationship exploded in a giant fireball and everybody died
  • The breakup precipitated a major depressive episode where I stayed in bed for about two months, except for when I went out and got drunk, during which times I was a sloppy obnoxious mess and cried in public a lot
  • Grad school didn't get any easier while I was depressed
  • Recovering from that ish also takes a lot of time
I've since clawed my way back to being a somewhat normal human being who doesn't cry in public nearly so often anymore.  The major reason I'm returning is that the internet is my home.  And I figure it's better to throw my linkdumps and SIWOTI rants into this space, instead of subjecting my Facebook friends to it.

Plus it's election year again, so I want to add my voice to the Vote For Barry chorus.

P.S.  Romney really sucks a lot!  Vote for Barry!

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