Thursday, August 16, 2012


I can't believe I forgot to include Unfuck Your Habitat in my blagroll.

True story, folks:  I fucking hate cleaning.

I grew up in a too-small apartment with too many people living in it, NONE of whom cleaned unless it was an absolute necessity.  It was pretty much always gross.  Not only did I learn nothing about how to clean up after myself, that situation habituated me to a certain amount of clutter and grime.

Then I lived in a series of crap college apartments wherein either I lived with non-cleaning roommates (which led to mountains of grossness), or by myself (the mountains were slightly smaller).

Unfuck Your Habitat is teaching me how to slowly stop failing at keeping an apartment.  I cannot recommend it strongly enough for folks like me who tend to let things slide.  It's going on my blagroll RIGHT NOW.

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