Saturday, August 11, 2012

Muse's Best Of: Olympics

SERIOUSLY, AMIRIGHT?  Sheesh, some people.

NPR put out this seriously cool infographic of the physics of olympian bodies.  What kind of physical characteristics make a body better for weightlifting, or marathon running, or rowing?  Very, very cool.  Also cool is this excellent piece by Natalie Reed about defining and policing gender in sports.  Seems to me if we're really caring about "unfair" advantages or disadvantages, we'd be more focused on the differences in the first link than in the second, but human beings are silly.

Hanna Hart, she of My Drunk Kitchen glory, made a really entertaining series of puns about the Olympics, so that's a thing.

I'm running out of things, so I'm going to leave you with Alex Day explaining why you should care about the Olympics, at least to a certain extent:

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