Thursday, August 9, 2012

Captain's Log, Stardate holy shit I'm halfway through grad school!

I've been reading back through my archives, taking special note of the personal posts that track my journey from the start of my undergraduate assistantship through my graduation and preparation for grad school, to the many "holy shit guys, grad school is hard" posts that preceeded my disappearance from blogland.

Firstly, I made myself sick of my own excuses while reading through that.  So FYI - if I need to take a bloggy break, I'mma just take one, without all the wah wah wah about how hard my life is.  Everyone's life is hard.  My whinging isn't interesting.

Secondly, as the title suggests, holy shit!  I've just finished my third year here (in what is officially a 5-year program, but I will probably end up taking 6 to finish, because [whinging omitted]).  IT'S LIKE I'M SOME SORT OF WIZARD!

Lastly, I'd like to ask folks who are paging through my archives to be kind.  My first blog post was five years ago, when I was still midway through undergrad.  Ignorant kids say some silly things sometime.  I've grown up a little, and I'll surely continue to grow and change and develop as time goes on.  I'd appreciate you keeping that in mind if you read something I wrote in 2008 and find it obnoxious.

Thanks y'all!  I'd like to tackle something sciencey soon, so look forward to that!

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