Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elaborating on my last post...

Here are my Top Upcoming Responsibilities, in order of time-dependence:

  1. Alcohol.  (Look, there's a fine line between a slacker who likes to party vs. being depressed and coping with it via freely available self-medication but DON'T JUDGE ME YOU DON'T KNOW ME and oh goodness I hope my colleagues aren't reading this and thinking I'm awful and/or in need of help right now /stream of consciousness.)
  2. Meet with a friend tonight to work out some kind of collaborative project.
  3. Meet with my advisor tomorrow to talk about my summer's work and the upcoming semester's work.
  4. Meet with the professor who I'll be TAing for tomorrow to talk about the upcoming semester's work.
  5. Start classes next week.
  6. Start TEACHING classes next week (Eek!)
  7. Prepare for my departmental presentation on my findings over the next two weeks (AAAAAAAAAA...)
  8. Figure out hotel arrangements and purchase airfare for the conference I'll be attending at the end of September.
  9. Give above-mentioned departmental presentation (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...)
  10. Work with my research assistants to polish their research ideas and help them get IRB approval.
  11. Finish my damn manuscript, which has been tormenting me for months.
  12. Put together a poster for the above-mentioned conference.
  13. Work on getting the above-mentioned collaborative project off the ground and into science-land.
  14. Finish my Master's thesis proposal.
  15. Somehow maintain my friendships, relationship, and sanity.
So I've been spending no small amount of time freaking out.  Graduate school seems to work in long stretches of stagnation and routine, punctuated by OMG OMG OMG OMG DEADLINES OMG GETITDONE AAAAAAHHHH.

Or maybe it just seems that way to my super-procrastinatey self.  I will never be an adult.

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