Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pittsburgh Police

Starting from the WPU lawn:

Starting from the Schenley Plaza:

This is MY fucking campus these cops are locking down; I've been part of similar "curiosity sit-ins". Those lawns are where I used to sit and smoke my cigarettes; it's between two of the busiest buildings on campus and RIGHT NEXT TO THE DORMS. I know, being a Pitt alum, that when you see something like riot cops marching in formation out your window, you're likely to come down and check it out. And it didn't look like much of a fucking protest to me until well after the cops started the push - and I've been at plenty of protests, some of which were actually ON those lawns.

During the memorial service for those three downed officers, there was even more of a crowd on the WPU lawn than in this video - people paying their respects.

I feel angry and sick.

Fuck the police.

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  1. Living in off-campus and working out at Thomas those days, I avoided the entirety of the G-20 mess...I knew things were turning bad on Thursday whenever I read that a post-gazette reporter was arrested in Oakland and held for hours. Ugh...