Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Open season on idiot liber-trolls! Come'n get 'em!

Some idiot doesn't realize that public healthcare programs are more efficient than our private one, additionally doesn't realize that a public healthcare option is NOT the same as a single-payer healthcare system and is proud of his ignorance, what else is new. But he did have some pretty good suggestions!
So, after I repeat your mantra, may I go put on my brown shirt and swastika? Why don't we just go ahead and have tax payer funded housing too? How about tax payer funded food for everyone while we are at it? It all relates to the health and well being of everyone right? Tax payer funded cars? Tax payer funded electricity and gas? Tax payer funded funerals? And on and on and on and on.
Oh noeesss, teh horrar!! If the burdens of basic housing, food, transportation, healthcare, childcare and utilities for each tax-paying citizen were shouldered collectively by society then EVERY PERSON CONTRIBUTING TO AMERICAN SOCIETY WOULD HAVE A BASIC MINIMUM STANDARD OF LIVIN-- oh wait, there was something wrong with that?

Do you really want the least well-off of your fellow Americans to starve, to be homeless, to go jobless (because you need a job to pay for bus fare, and you need a bus to get to work...), to suffer without heat in the winter? Really?

Do you really think that the America that put a man on the moon can't muster up the resources to feed her people?

Why do you hate America, Greg?

BTW, zombie hitler's apparently been sowing some serious fuckin' Godwin.

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