Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Message to men who have trouble dating because of clinical-level anxiety.

Get your fucking anxiety treated by a professional like the medical problem that it is.

Do not use it to justify predatory means of picking up women.

Thank you, Tycho. Gabe, thank you for being an example... and then maybe learning something from it.

Protip for both of you idiot manboys: Women are, surprisingly, NOT objects to be acquired, but people! With thoughts! IMAGINE THAT.

I'd like to think that you are aware of this fact, but it doesn't come across well when you equate fucking PUA with "socialization skills". Formulaic methods of projecting "value" so as to enable the presumed-male audience to sleep with many women (and f'reals, what else do you really think "game" refers to??) != learning social skills. If it were general socializing tips, it'd be gender-neutral.

I adore you both, but srsly now.


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