Friday, July 24, 2009

Graduate school preparation...

Departure date: Aug 1
TA training begins: Aug 7
Class begins: Aug 23? 24? Shit. I should know this.

Things I've done:
  • Acquired housing (and an awesome roommate, to boot!)
  • Sent my immunization record to the new university
  • Sent all appropriate forms from the Welcome Packet to the new U
  • Boxed up my cat's litter pan, food dish, water dish, and poop scooper to pre-ship to my new place (so my cat will have her needs met when we arrive)
  • Set up my university mail account
  • Registered for the grad student open-house introductory thingy
  • Bought a one-way plane ticket (gulp!)
Things I have yet to do:
  • Have my official I'm-graduated-I-swear transcript from Pitt sent to the new U
  • Pack any of my clothes or personal effects (affects?)
  • Clean the room I'm sleeping in
  • Vacuum the room that's currently the cat-poop-box room
And on top of all that, I have a going-away party tomorrow, and a bridal shower on Saturday (for which I am a bridesmaid, so I must help pwe...pwewp...pewpwewe... get weady).

There's a small knot in my stomach, for some reason.

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