Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Domestic Terrorism

First there was the abhorrent shooting death of Dr. George Tiller, which I've just found out was disgustingly successful in achieving its aims - Dr. Tiller's clinic has been closed. The success of this form of domestic terrorism is horrifying. This is not new, and so long as we do nothing about it, it will continue.

And now I hear about this shooting at the Holocaust Museum in DC. Seeing the two following lines in the same article infuriates me:
According to a Web site maintained by Mr. von Brunn, he embraces a far-reaching conspiracy theory involving Jews, blacks and other minority groups.
There were no clues to his motive or identity.
Where the fuck did all our righteous indignation go about terrorism? Why aren't the waterboarding-is-OK people going all gung-ho on Tiller's killer, since it's the closest thing to a ticking time bomb situation that we're going to get outside of TV?

Oh yeah... white, Christian, American dudes aren't terrorists. I forgot.



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