Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two things I have issues with:

Numero uno:

This is why I do not read DailyKos. Here is a sane response to it, with lots of refreshing comments.

Numero dos:

Obesity is (apparently!) bad for you!!! What's the problem with that, you ask? Even if those conclusions are completely correct... Firstly, is there really a good way to prevent oneself from being fat or to become thin once one is fat? Is there really? (If you give me the bunsen burner model of humans [cals in - cals out = cals stored], then I'd like some evidence that human biology is really that ridiculously simple, because even my wee bit of intro to physiology would indicate otherwise, kthx.) Secondly, CORRELLATION != CAUSATION. For the diabetes correllation (higher BMI ~~ more likely to have a diabeetus diagnosis), if fatter people are screened more intensely for diabeetus, or if both obesity and diabeetus are lots higher in certain specific populations (low-income, minority, disadvantaged...), or if the two conditions are genetically linked, or even if maybe higher weight might be protective against dying from diabeetus then wouldn't it be true that the fatter you got, the more likely you'd have a diabeetus diagnosis? I mean, MarkH does point out that, if we think fatness is unhealthy, it'd be unethical to try and make thin people fat experimentally... but as far as I know it's pretty much been shown to be nigh impossible (to make thin people fat) anyway. I will acknowledge that the all-causes mortality graphs are pretty convincing, though. So I'll be pondering this.

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