Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My first troll!

Today was the date of the Allegheny County primaries. I voted, and I hope you did too (if you had the opportunity).

I've already shared a couple of my picks with you. Having a terrible memory, I checked in on that post to write down my preferred candidates... and found that I had acquired a troll! Lovely!

My good anonymous friend had been telling me about PA Super Lawyer Phil Ignelzi when all of a sudden this guy shows up:
Ronald said...

Do not vote for Leah Williams Duncan. For 4 years she has been refusing rights of men and their children rewarding woman who abandon their children to live a Lesbian lifestyle. She has also refused child care for those children. She has been taking away funds for the childs care to forward her Gay agenda. Pittsburgh does not need a judge that refuses the rights of children and punish the morally correct and reward immoral lifestyles. She was a single parent trying to raise her children but refuse to make woman pay for their infidelity. She keeps imposing her immoral views from the bench instead of enforcing the laws as she is supposed to. I also watched as she laughed when she found out that the woman she was rewarding was commiting Federal Tax Fraud for 6 years.
Leah Willaims Duncan is not the type of judge Pittsburgh needs.
I had a couple responses to this. Firstly, a judge who doesn't make rulings based on anti-gay or misogynist bigotry is a judge I'd like on the bench. A lesbian mother doesn't get cut out from her child's life? Fantastic. Second, if she did anything like rule against child care or condone tax fraud, link me up. Otherwise, Ronald's 'objections' actually encourages me to vote for Leah Williams-Duncan.

I figured this guy would be a hit-n-run commenter, something I don't consider trolling, so I didn't bother saying anything more. But nope:
Ronald said...

Muse142 I figured you would like her as your choice that is why I wrote this on your blog Leah is for people like you that refuse Children their rights to impose your sexual preferences upon them.
I have custody of my son not her due to her mental illness. Hearing officers like Leah Williams-Duncan felt that she should be rewarded for abandoning her son, her family, and she was a Catholic Christian mother when she abandoned her faith. Through all this she has also bankrupted her own mother and two more like you. I would like to see you vote for her so she will allow my ex-wife to bankrupt more like you. In doing what Leah Williams-Duncan has done for her over the years she has alienated my son from his mother. (I requested the visitation his mother didn't want any) Leah has put more woman and their children on welfare that I took care of bankrupting the state. Her immoral judgements have always produced the opposite results. I leave it up to you to decide is this the kind of judge you want? You may not get what you like. Just look at her profile on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

How can you say, "For 4 years she has been refusing rights of men and their children rewarding woman who abandon their children to live a Lesbian lifestyle"? She isn't a judge yet! How can she refuse the rights of men while simultaneously rewarding women. That doesn't make any sense!

Ronald said...

Anonymous She has been a hearing officer for many years in Family Division of Allegheny County. Take away the rights of Men to insure that Gay woman don't have to pay child support. But look at her profile on Facebook. If you are gay or straight with my info or her own profile would you vote for her to be a judge? It's your choice. Anonymous why don't you look at Leah's profile and look at what I'm saying which way would you vote. I'm just showing you that she is hypocrite. Either way I don't live in Allegheny County any more to many hypocrites there. I moved to Central PA. where the real thieves are in Harrisburg.
This guy is full of non-sequiturs, ridiculousness and general flaming bigotry. Let me count the ways:

First, all this talk about taking away men's rights. What rights? What, do you mean primary custody? Paying child support?

Custody... ok this one's difficult for me, because I don't think it's a right or a "reward". I think it's a responsibility. You have kids, and whether you're a woman or a man (or anything in between), you should be responsible for raising them. You pointed out yourself that you have custody of your kids now. Men aren't ruled out from custody. In almost all divorces I know where kids were involved, the parents share custody. Giving someone custody isn't 'rewarding' them and taking it away isn't 'punishing' them. I think the APA guidelines for this kind of thing are key - and notice that the only time they mention sexuality, it's to note that child custody evaluations should be free from discrimination.

Which brings me neatly to my second point. There's nothing inherent about being a lesbian that makes someone unfit for parenting. Children raised by lesbian mothers are no different from children raised by straight mothers in acquiring sex-role behavior or frequency of psychological problems. You can read some more about lesbian mothers and how family law has basically pissed all over them for no reason here. I'll repeat for you: There's nothing inherent about being a lesbian that makes someone unfit for parenting. If you think so, then you have some damned bigoted views. Feel free to start a blog elsewhere, but that won't get very far here.

And on top of that, children don't have some sort of right not to interact with other human beings. No one can "refuse Children their rights to [escape from a parent who would] impose your sexual preferences upon them", because children don't have that right. At this very moment, Ronald, you are imposing your sexual preferences upon your children!! In fact, I'd imagine that you're a lot more "imposing" than most lesbian mothers, who would probably understand if their child wasn't JUST LIKE THEM OMG THE HORROR.

Thing number three: your misogyny is showing. I know, I know, it must suck not owning your woman, such that she can go and get divorced and explore her sexuality and (gasp!) sleep with someone who's not you. And unlike the days of yore, she won't be punished for it! Gosh, what has society come to, when these bitches refuse to let the patriarchy rule their lives, and the system isn't even allowed to take their children away like they clearly rightly deserve! Tch. Throw your preserve-my-privilege pity party somewhere else.

One last thing... OMG terrible grammar ftl. If English is not your first language, forgive me for this, but GEEZ OH MAN. I normally wouldn't bring it up, but I literally had to reinterpret like half of your sentences. If I misunderstood something you said, that's why.

Oh, and I hope everyone voted for Leah Williams-Duncan!

So, that's that. My first troll! Squee!


  1. Thank you for voting for her and not looking at her Christian background an the way she is against Same-sex marriage. Enjoy. by the way My ex has visitation only because she is Bi-polar which caused her Homosexuality proven by her Psychologist before we went for custody that is why I have my son and after six years she is now paying me support for our child.
    You may call me a troll but I thank you for voting for someone else in Allegheny County opposed to HB300.

  2. hahaha. Ronald. Seriously?!?! I'm embarrassed for you.

  3. No problem, buddy.

    I don't really understand why you're involving me in your personal Problems because they're really not relevant to Anything except for your continued Bigotry!

    (I love RanDom capItaLization!!)

    Also, just FYI, HB300 is a LEGISLATIVE initiative. This is a JUDICIAL race.

    Fuckin' ignoramus! Lol.

  4. I have to say, hRonald's argument isn't very sound. I agree with you completely and am still amazed that individuals are still upset over these issues. Just because someone is homosexual doesn't mean they are unfit parents. Most of the time, their children grow up to be heterosexual. At least if he's going to argue something like this, he should have some sort of facts that aren't biased. And another thing, last time I checked, bi-polar disorder doesn't cause homosexuality. Krista, have you ever heard that argument?

  5. Lol.. only from idiots who 1) stigmatize mental impairments and 2) think homosexuality is something terrible and abnormal, like this schmuck.

  6. that's what i thought. no correlation whatsoever. the studies that have been conducted on homosexuality and the brain, have seen differences in the hippothalmus and other regions. bi-polar disorder affects a different part of the brain and is a chemical imbalance. homosexuality isn't a mental disorder and hasn't been in the DSM for years. i know i am preaching to the choir here, but people should really study up before they try to make an argument (if you can call it that).