Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm baaaack!

I've earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Pittsburgh, with a double major in neuroscience and psychology and a minor in chemistry.

Woo! Go me!

That being said, I will actually have time to blog n'at. Not right now, no. But soon. Thank you all for your eternal patience!

At the moment I'm in the middle of a big Axis & Allies game with the Ex-Dude. However, I do have a small amusement for anyone who's still around.

You know PZ's recent Pharyngulation of a homeopathy poll? Well I went over to the ridiculous homeopathy site do my duty as a flying monkey, and literally laughed at this comment. Bask in the majesty of this self-righteous stupid:


What a GREAT example of "modern science" !
the wannabe priesthood of the religion of scientism have been successfully treated by a homeopath, who shows how scientism eats its young :-)
These bozos form a ratpack to purposefully "dilute" the results of a poll on homeopathy.
This is PERFECT ! ! !
THANK YOU bozos, for this PERFECT EXAMPLE of your religion of scientism at work.
You are the veritable POPEs of the CHURCH of SCIENTISM !
The Galileo who dares to produce any reality which eludes categorization within your ineffectual worldview shall be duly excommunicated by your RATPACK type of activity, right?
(oh, wait ... they failed in their attempts to excommunicate him ... and OH NO ! "true science" was once AGAIN vindicated)
Dear ratpack: you bozos are not Eintstein. Many of you cannot even spell, and otherwise have limited written expression, often characterized by vulgarity.
The future belongs not to the vermin of the ratpacks.
The future, as always, belongs to those with vision, with courage, with the ability to think outside of the box (which is your little mental prison; to which your are abundantly welcome :) The innovators and inventors of THE FUTURE are nowhere to be found in your bogus religion of scientism.
Why don't you ratpack fellas go back to your jobs, where you probably directly or indirectly support companies like Baxter, which is apparently very actively trying to thin the herd (hint: you guys ARE the herd.. the mindless mainstream.. the cud-chewing maroons who don't quite get that quantum physics, Buddhism, and homeopathy are all saying a lot of the same things.)
We oughtta just let them have a go at it, as the survivors will be people who, like the HOMEOPATHS, have found scientific means [which you are not allowed to consider, according to the false POPEs of the religion of scientism] of success in "evidenced based" medicine which you are merely mindless worker-ants in the army of fools attempting to "DILUTE" the evidence for... which is the quintessential perfection of "evidence" how your scientism operates in ratpacking the THOUGHT POLICE to assure that the world which your tiny minds can comprehend does not become too difficult for you to rationalize .. a thousand thank you's for this superb example of purposefully skewing experimental results !! this is EXACTLY how the ratpack thought police are vainly attempting to impose the backwards shackles scientism upon advances in human learning .. DON'T LOOK NOW, but your scientistic church buddies over at the edifice of "modern medicine" are now FAMOUS .. as Doctors of Death, inc. ! Your ratpack mentality, enslaved in service of the almighty dollar (well, ok, the WEAK dollar.) has brought about the undeniable EVIDENCE that the modern medical disease-care industry (which has no right at all to use the term healthcare) is conservatively ranked as the #3 direct leading cause of death in the U.S. CONGRATULATIONS, ratpack !
(oh, and thanks for all the site hits, trackback links, etc. please invite the rest of your pack :)
You'll be wanting statistics, I suppose .. good luck diluting them ;-)
debunk this
Heh. Poor widdle guy.


  1. Yaaaay! Congratulations, and I look forward to further blogging once you've had time to celebrate properly!