Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fangirl Joygasm!

Zomg PZ Myers wrote this article for the LA Times and it's basically the best way I could have ever imagined anyone would ever talk about atheism.

I liked PZ before this article, no denying it. He's at the top of my blagroll. I've always thought he was pretty groovy. But this? This changes everything.

PZ Myers, if you came to Pittsburgh this summer (before August 1 when I move out of state for grad school - btw, if you ever want to vacation in Tampa, you're totally welcome to crash at my place literally anytime, anytime you'd like, I'd sleep on the couch and you could use my room, it'd totally be cool), I'd be one of the first in line to buy tickets to PZ-stravaganza, and I'd sit outside your trailer afterwards -because all superstars have trailers, naturally - with a homemade "PZ is my homeboy" T-shirt waiting and hoping for an autograph. If I were permitted the great honor and privilege of meeting you in person, I'd present you with frankincense and myrrh. I would camp out on 279 to eagerly await your presence, and as you approached I'd throw palm fronds onto the highway to herald your presence.

I would not, however, wash your feet. That would be creepy.


But seriously now, that was a really good article. Go, PZ! You tell 'em!

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