Monday, May 25, 2009

Antifeminist Links

I use StumbleUpon to ... well, stumble upon new and interesting things on teh interwebs. I click the button, it sends me to something new, based on the interests I plug in. (FYI, I totally recommend this service. It's fantabulous.)

But sometimes people submit the most ridiculous antifeminist things...

Such as 18 General and Contradictory Criticisms of Women, where I am informed about all the things men (as a cohesive unit, apparently!) hate about me.

Oh, and there's also Four Ways You're Not Catering To Teh Menz, that will set me straight about my horrible tendency to talk to LotR fans about my favorite winery in Napa, which is clearly costing me the opportunity to get swept off my feet by charming shiny knights.

Look, if you're tempted to write down your personal list of pet peeves about an entire class of people in list-based format... just stop it. Stop it. You're embarassing yourselves. The only people who can pull that off are Cracked writers, and even they just barely squeak by sometimes.


  1. Hm.. Maybe you can tweak your stumble upon settings a little.

    Of course it is entertaining. The Pravda link is best read to oneself in a russian accent.

  2. I don't mind seeing what The Opposition is up to. Can't fight a problem you don't see, right? :)

  3. The Four Flirting Pitfalls is interesting in that it seems to assume
    that a) all LotR fans or geeks in general are short and ugly b) no females are geeks. So this is just not anti-feminist but apparently
    anti-geek as well.

  4. Ayuh. That one 'pitfall' struck me as particularly odd, because it boiled down to "Girls shouldn't talk to guys who like things that I don't like." But hey, it's a step up from running away from a guy to cry in the bathroom, amirite?