Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If I do not have time to write about science, I can at least point you to those who do!

Neurophilosophy has an amazing post up about the reconstructive nature of memory.

Also, Neurotopia reviewed the serotonin system(s). Ahh, 5-HT... I know so much about you, yet so little.

Steph Zahn at Almost Diamonds told us this nice story about propranolol. I like to see the personal side to these things. (Read about the science of propranolol, I don't know, anywhere really. ;)

Speaking of, Not Exactly Rocket Science writes very impressively - as always - this time about horrifically spiked beetle penii. Eeeeeeh, my cervix is twitching with anticipatory fear.

Orac chats with us about animals in research, particularly dogs. I have a personal stake in this subject, because neuroelectrophysiology is bangin' cool, but kind of requires the use of rats.

There's the most interesting science-y things I've found recently. Feel free to share more links in the comments!

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