Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Dr. Isis,

I like being your little chicken.

But I am getting cranky waiting for ze evidence. You teased me this past week, you did!

You started out all promising and stuff, and quoted that dude who said that faith is, contrary to what many people seem to think, actually based on evidence. And I got all excited and read frantically ahead...

But I was let down. Because neither you, nor him, have actually cited any evidence. (My own sneaking suspicion is that the evidence will be identical, in spirit if not in wording, to one of the already-covered arguments that everyone's heard a million times...) But I shall not get ahead of myself. After all, you said yourself that it's not something you can just sum up in a single post.

And also, it seems like a large part of your faith is derived from its very personal meaningfulness to you. Which I cannot (and would not, even if I could!) argue against. But, as I said, I'd still very much like to hear why reasonable, intelligent people disagree with what I consider to be the very reasonable, intelligent estimation that God's existance has a low probability.

Bleh. So I'll keep waiting. BUT KNOW I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU.

With love,


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