Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Poll-Crashers Anonymous

OneNewsNow is always good for poll-crashing.
Should the U.S. government offer the full gamut of same-sex 'spousal' benefits to its employees?
Yes - 3.78%
No - 94.93%
Unsure - 1.29%


  1. Over 14,000 votes.

    I don't think even Pharyngula could make more than a dent in that. I voted all the same, though.

  2. Heh, I didn't even notice the vote count.

    That's actually kind of frightening. OneNewsNow is FULL of crazies, apparently.

  3. So 13,000 out of 14,000 vote bigot.

    And I'll bet every one of those 13,000 gladly spout the pledge of alligience..."with freedom and justice for all".