Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh fuck, I missed BAD?!

Blogroll Amnesty Day is close to my heart, because that is how I got on PZ's blagroll a year or so ago, and I've even been the recipient of some nice hat/tips from the ScienceBorg Community. Squee!

And, yes, because I'm a shameless fangirl, I get all aflutter whenever it happens. So very jealous of Abby. LIVE THE DREAM.

So, um, feel free to shamelessly self-promote, and if anyone adds a link I'll totally add you to my blagroll. Share your favorite blogging memories. What's your favorite blog? What's your least favorite? (I mean, besides Comfort Food. Guh, that's a gimmie.)

Also, thanks for the reminder Stephanie!


  1. Least favorite blog? Oh, that is ever so easy.

    Atheist Central by that Comfort guy. What a self-important, smug, self-righteous ass.

    The poster boy for voluntary ignorance.

    Did I mention smug?

  2. Lol his old blog was called Comfort Food - Ray Comfort was the gimmie. Too easy of a target!