Saturday, February 28, 2009

N00b reviews: Street Fighter 4

Oh, and also my Dude picked up Street Fighter 4, because he cannot deny himself anything. For the past week or so, he's been hammering on his fancy-ass arcade-style controller and calling me over to show me the digitized ass-kickery that he's slowly mastering.

As far as serious 2d fighters go, I generally prefer the Mortal Kombat series myself, just because I grew up with it and the movie amused the hell out of me. Although, as a semi-pro casual gamer, I'd rather play Super Smash Bros. Dude grew up with Street Fighter 2, so that might have skewed his opinion somewhat. He seems to think that the gameplay and mechanics are very good, though. I also picked up a controller and I can see that this kind of thing would be fun at parties.

So, I suppose this is a recommendation. But all of the reviews in the universe will tell you the same thing.

Consider this an acknowledgement of the bandwagon, then.

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