Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day!

I am celebrating Darwin Day just by looking around at the "intelligent" primates all around me and marveling at both how far we've come, while simultaneously chuckling at how... ape-like we are. Look at all those people, eating and pooping and grooming and gesturing and grasping, orienting themselves towards interesting stimuli, making little social maneuvers as they constantly mill about. And at the same time, writing and learning and thinking and planning and communicating and storing information and creating new and marvelous technology and internally simulating life situations on a grand, grand scale.

Truth be told, I am more interested in cat evolution than human evolution. I totally want a thumb cat!


  1. Yah, I can relate to the "humans as primates" view of things. The incomparable Jane Goodall's books on chimpanzee behavior forever changed my perception of human behavior.

    We are, indeed, primates.

    Once, I was privileged to watch a pair of Siamangs "making out". Their caresses and gentle, loving tenderness with each other was so like a pair of humans enamoured with each other!

    PS Jane G. is so gently feminine, it's hard to believe she was up to the hardships of fieldwork in the deep bush. What an amazing woman! Lucky me, I heard her lecture live a couple of years back. I have a MAJOR primate crush on her.

  2. HAha... I am a Dawkins fangirl so I can totally understand.

  3. Sorry, only have one ticket, or I'd invite you to join me to hear Dawkins speak in Minneapolis next month.

    *incites envy*

  4. OMG.



    Though, again, that's pretty far from Pittsburgh. Bleh.