Saturday, January 10, 2009


No. You shouldn't.

And that was on Digg's as "The disadvantage of being a man."

I say bollocks to that. In fact, it'd be a lot better if no one perpetuated that idea. PHMT!!!

Ugh, ugh, ugh.


  1. Nice rant.

    Had the same thought before she expressed it... if you don't like it, why aren't YOU doing something about it?

    There's Feminism...

    I call Masculism.

    No ma'am, no gender roles for me. I'm riding in the front seat of the canoe. And honey, would you mow the lawn while I get the laundry done?

    When we finish the chores, we can share a nice bottle of Merlot while we watch the WNBA.

    Jeez, I could just go on and on here, a regular stand-up routine.

    Speaking of discrimination, call yourself a househusband and see what happens.

  2. Eh, it's what all the -isms boil down to, or should. People shouldn't be unnecessarily constrained by stupid and completely arbitrary (and usually harmful & counter-productive) social rules. Keep that which is actually useful and true. Discard the rest - or at least discard the consequences for not following along.

    Now what's this about canoes? =P

  3. "Now what's this about canoes? =P"

    When a M/F couple paddles a canoe together, the male always, and I mean always, sits in the rear seat and steers.

    It's such stereotypical behavior.

    My buddy and I called bullshit on it, when we tandem paddle with a female, we ride in front.

    And of course, couples most always bicker all the way down the river.

    This is called "getting away".