Saturday, December 27, 2008

Science, and also Industry!

As I'm visiting with my guy's family in Chicago, me and the man went to the Museum of Science and Industry today, and I came back with a pile of pictures, most of which have nothing to do with either science or industry.

Okay, so maybe some of them are rather sciencey. I really enjoyed a lot of the more science-oriented parts of the museum, like the chemistry section from whence the above picture was taken. There were also a lot of fun mechanical gadgets to play with and many halls filled with model ships and historical cars.

A lot of the exhibits were very schtick-y, obviously designed to appeal to kids.

Most of them managed to still communicate something meaningful to either science or industry. Some of the more tangential activities at least had placards posted nearby that explained the science involved. However, a good number did not have either. The worst offender that I've seen in this arena was a bunch of activities in the Petroleum Planet section which were completely unrelated to the science/industry at hand. Like the hydrocarbon mirror maze. And I didn't even bother to look at things like the Harry Potter exhibit - I wanted to see some solid info!

And see it I did! I highly recommend going to this, even as an adult, but especially if you have children. A lot of the exhibits were enough to bring wonder even to my jaded, 20-something self.

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