Thursday, November 6, 2008

N00b Reviews: Fallout 3

I'm only 11 hours in, but I see myself playing Fallout 3 until the actual nuclear apocalypse (which of course in inevitable when Obama's terrorist friends take over Washington, natch).

First thing I noticed was that your in-game dad is voiced by Liam Neeson. I was all like, "Is that Liam Neeson?! IT IS!! It's gotta be. I know that voice." And I looked it up, and lo and behold... Liam FUCKING Neeson! That gives it points in my eyes.

The other thing I noticed straightaway is that this is not a first-person shooter. I mean, of course, you can just aim your gun at something and shoot until it dies, but there is also a separate combat mode that allows you to auto-aim and uses "Action Points". This is awesome for me, because I hate hate hate the 360 controls, and if I could I'd throw all the 360 controllers down a well.

The true glory of this game is the world. It's immersive and spooky. Fallout 3 does an excellent job of turning DC into a '50's dark humor nightmare, and I love every second of it. There are large expanses of what they call the "Capital Wasteland" to wander around, with mutants and raiders and dogs to kill, and ruined houses to raid. One of my favorite pastimes in the game is to wander around the small towns and scope out the abandoned grocery stores and schools.

I also really like the old-school RPG style of it, with attributes and skills, like I was playing Dungeons and Dragons. There's plenty of unique "perks", or special gained abilities, to amuse. One early spoiler, to tease: early on in the game (obviously), I talked a quest-giver into abandoning her aspiration to write a Wasteland Survival Guide, using the Speech ability... and gained the Perk, "Dream Crusher: For some reason, people around you don't feel the need to excel. Critical strikes are 50% less likely to hit you." I Lol'ed my ass off.

I highly recommend this, especially for the non-hardcore gamer. I give it an A+, and hope that many many more games of this stripe are created in the future.

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