Friday, August 29, 2008


I've been fairly busy since school's started, so I'm very sorry for not updating to the people who may or may not be reading this.

I am, however, doing science! Which is a lot more hectic than I could possibly have imagined. I think it has something to do with schooling full time.

I need to go chill out.

Here's a link dump so you guys have something to read:

The War on Drugs. Or on whatever.

Two different takes on McCain's newly announced running mate:
Obama Plays Good Cop/Bad Cop: Fox News, fer shits n giggles.
McCain picks young, unknown female VP: Sydney Morning Herald's take, including some blatant PUMA-pandering.

Obligatory Pharyngula link: Salem's hypothesis does not always hold! There is hope for you engineers yet!

Oh, and how about a laughing baby?

Even better yet, an embedded laughing baby:

Oh come on, you watch that and tell me it didn't make you laugh.

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