Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's cool on the interwebs today

Via Scienceblogs: Some spectacular photos of the Hook Island sea monster, with reasonable explanations. Stay tuned to Tetrapod Zoology for sea monster week! I can't wait!

Also via Scienceblogs (I love the Reader's Pick/Most Active widgets!): Ed Brayton lets us know that LA Cops Lied in Drug Case. My favorite comment:
"LA Cops Lie In Drug Case"
"Ratzinger Catholic"
"Bear Eliminates in Forest"
Via Pharyngula: If Scientists Were Tabloid Fodder. Complete with hilarious spreads like "Major Fashion Violations: WORST Of The Week!" Actually the people at my office dress very casual-chic.

Via Feministe: Men Still Trying. Oh How They Try! In which is answered the eternal question, just how skewed is human sexual behavior towards men's pleasure at the expense of women's pleasure? (Answer: Plenty. Dumbass.)

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