Thursday, July 24, 2008

IT IS DONE! (RAmen!)

PZ has finally revealed his master plan of religious desecration! He got a Host, a Qur'an, and a JUST-REVEALED third mystery item! I'm just digging into the comment thread right now and I'm sure it will be a good one.

Just for kicks, here's a few more good links:

Last year I killed a man. People who commit suicide by train don't often stop to think about the effect they'll have on the driver, who is basically forced into involuntary murder.

lol your fat. A thread on a fat acceptance website (wherein the video game Fat Princess is called out for its fat-hating, misogynistic devices - hello, your job is to rescue a fat princess, who is force-fed cake until she's too big to move) was left unmoderated and reserved for troll-bashing. Hilarity ensues as the trolls slowly realize that their Serious Business is being laughed at.

False Rape Investigation Model. My favorite bit? If mugging were treated like rape is all too often: "If this mugger is found with your wallet, the mugger shouldn’t be assumed to have stolen your wallet. The mugger should be approached in a non-judgmental way in case you were stupid and gave this man your wallet of your own free will and called the cops because you later regretted your actions."

Well. I think I've finally put my favorite three blogs together in one post: Pharyngula, Feministe, and Shapely Prose.

(Don't ask; I was The Hugest Fan for about three years.) (In middle school. >_<)

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