Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I cannot believe that people think such things.

Magic biscuits aside... Ray Comfort really gives me the squicks.

This is the most horrifying strawman misunderstanding that I've ever. Seen. In. My. Life.
[To a supporter of evolution:] [Y]ou are forgetting that you believe that evolution created gravity (over time). Evolution is the creator, and gravity is part of creation. That's what you believe. Isn't it?
YaRly. Mr. Comfort even has a whole big post about how, if evolution didn't create gravity (and an assortment of other physical laws), then what did?
Of course your "scientific" answer will be, "We don’t yet know where they came from, but one thing we are sure of, God didn’t create them."
Some of these laws we can explain. The laws of heat/thermodynamics happen precisely because there is no God intervening in this world. (Think about it. Heat flows necessarily from hot things to cold things. To do otherwise would take some kind of restraining force, to keep the heat in the hot thing, otherwise it would escape into the cold thing. If there were a God, certainly He could keep heat from flowing down its natural energy gradient. Even one observed instance of this would have grand implications. Alas...)

And even besides all that,
It makes sense to argue that the universe had a cause.
It makes sense to argue that the natural laws had a cause.
It makes perfect sense to want to know what this cause is.

It does not make any sense to assert that The God Your Parents Taught You To Believe must necessarily be this cause.

The real answer is that I don't know, and you don't know, and even the most advanced theoretical physicists don't know how exactly gravity works.

If you have a good reason to think that the cause of the universe is a man named Jesus, who is also God, who sacrificed himself to himself in order for himself to break rules that he created, then please show me your evidence!

There is a difference between certainty and knowledge. If you believe that Jesus/God is the cause of all of the natural laws, then you have certainty. But how are you so sure that you have knowledge?

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