Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What your right ventromedial prefrontal cortex can do for you!

Scienceblogs were abuzz today about sarcasm and how your brain does it:

The Frontal Cortex explains a recent experiment very nicely. A specific right-hemisphere area in your brain is necessary for controlling sarcasm. For those of you in the know, some may expect that the left hemisphere would be more important for verbal things, 'cuz it's overwhelmingly the hemisphere that processes language. In this case, a right-hemisphere area that is "previously identified as important only to detecting contextual background changes in visual tests" was found using imaging to be damaged in people who cannot detect sarcasm. It makes sense with what I've learned - I must say that in my classes the right hemisphere's capabilities were not under-appreciated.

If reading all them words is hard on your think-bone, you could however just check out this infographic at Of Two Minds.

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