Monday, June 23, 2008


I popped in for Pittsburgh's PrideFest, which capped up a full month of LGBTQQ activities. It took up three entire city blocks, which were cordoned off and full of booths. Beside the food, drink, and merchandise booths were many different businesses, religious groups, and nonprofit organizations that came to support/pander to/engage with everyone.

On the fluffy side, I got a shot glass that says I *rainbow heart* *man symbol*. I asked; they did not have any with women on them, but I do <3 men! And I <3 them in an all-sexualities kinda way. Plus I wanted to grab a shot glass for the occasion (as I do collect 'em). I saw a few funny shorts, just clips really, things like "The Gay Breakfast Club" and "Reservoir Dykes".

On the serious side, I got an Obama sticker (on my purse) and an Obama flyer (in my window). I also signed about three petitions, left my contact info with the Obama support people, and got contact info for a local human rights group.

Be yourself, and be proud!

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