Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I suppose I'll do this thing, as it's (somewhat) relevant to my aims...

I'm in theory a blogger about science, but as I consider god-claims to be in the realm of the empirical...

(Thanks to ERV for posting this!)

Q1. How would you define "atheism"?
Not holding a god-belief. And beyond that, self-identification as an atheist, since some who lack a god-belief are too chicken to straight up call themselves atheists.

Q2. Was your upbringing religious? If so, what tradition?
My family was very active in the local United Methodist church, and therefore I was active in the same when I was young. Methodism accommodates pretty much anything you'd like, though, so when I lost my faith I was able to 'cover' fairly well. I only admitted to one person in the church that "I have my doubts" before I went to college and escaped churchgoing forevar.

Q3. How would you describe "Intelligent Design", using only one word?

Q4. What scientific endeavor really excites you?
Neuroscience! If you couldn't tell. 'S why I'm doin it.

Q5. If you could change one thing about the "atheist community", what would it be and why?
I'd get all the Angry Atheists some frakkin pot. Take a deep breath, calm down, and stop telling that nice Christian that his mother sucks cocks in Hell. It just doesn't look good, mkay?

Q6. If your child came up to you and said "I'm joining the clergy", what would be your first response?
Why? How do you know that [insert god here] exists? Are you sure? What's the evidence?

Q7. What's your favourite theistic argument, and how do you usually refute it?
The Ontological Argument (though it's rarely made): "God is supposed to be the most perfect thing there is. Things that exist are more perfect than those that don't. So therefore God has to exist - or else He's not the most perfect thing!"
Answer: I can imagine the most perfect sandwich ever. And a sandwich that was right here in my hands ready to eat is more perfect than one I have to go out, buy ingredients for, and make. But as it turns out, reality doesn't support my perfect idea. God's supposed to be the most perfect thing there is. Guess you're wrong on that count, too.

Q8. What's your most "controversial" (as far as general attitudes amongst other atheists goes) viewpoint?
Let me think about that one.

Q9. Of the "Four Horsemen" (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris) who is your favourite, and why?
Dawkins, although Dennett is a very close second. Mostly because I have read Dawkins' stuff, and found it absolutely refreshing. Science!

Q10. If you could convince just one theistic person to abandon their beliefs, who would it be?
I'll go with ERV's answer on this one: The next president of the US.

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