Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Caturday!

My cat strikes poses all the damn time. He does it, I think, because he knows that very frequently I look over at him and go "AWWW HOW KYOOOOOT" and give him the attention / treats / playtime that he lusts for.

This is not unusual. The unusual thing is that my cat seems to realize when I'm taking a picture of him. The camera comes out and suddenly he's all wide eyes and pointed stares.

"Why are you pointing that thing at me? You trying to steal my soul or somethin? You know I hate pictures."

I can never get a candid pic of him. Which is strange, for an animal with very little awareness of technology. (Things come in two categories: things I play with, and things I lie on. Sometimes these things overlap.)

Anyway, happy Caturday, from me and Shammy.

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