Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stroke of insight

This is an amazing video of a neuroanatomist who describes her stroke in both personal and clinical terms:

She does take some liberties about the categorization of left vs. right hemisphere tasks. A more accurate generalization (but not too much more accurate) is that the right hemisphere deals with nonverbal, holistic, and context information, and the left hemisphere deals with verbal, detail-oriented, and semantic information.

She does describe, very clearly, a disruption in body schema that would be typical of left-hemisphere damage. In addition, she describes the inability to read (alexia), the inability to speak coherently or understand the content of speech (maybe a variant of Wernicke's aphasia).

She is a little woo-y and full of colorful gestures. But it's understandable. The woman had a stroke, for the love of pete!

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