Thursday, May 1, 2008


Ok, ok, so we have the National Do-Nothing Day and the Make Women's Bodies Public Property movement, Marcotte-gate and blogger departure and new homes for old friends.

I'm not going to talk about any of that, but please check out the links. In honor of being freshly on summer break, I'm going to talk about something fluffy, that makes me happy. Fast food snack wraps.

Let me start by saying I love anything you can buy at a drive-thru with a small fry and drink and pay less than $5. A snack wrap is perfect for a munchies run while on the road. So when three of the bigger fast food chains jumped on the bandwagon, I need to try 'em all. And since I tried 'em all, I wanted to save you the trouble.

McDonald's Snack Wrap, the original:
Choices: 6, Grilled/Crispy, three sauce choices, no spicy option.
Tastiness: Pretty good, 4/5. I love both honey mustard and chipotle BBQ sauces, so I found them both spectacularly tasty.

KFC's Toasted Wrap, the second:
Choices: 1, but it's toasted.
Tastiness: Meh, 2/5. It's "toasted," alright, but the whole package is rather bland and unexceptional. As the Pasadena Star-News says, it could do with some hot sauce or something.

Wendy's Go Wrap, the third:
Choices: 3, Homestyle/Grilled/Spicy, all with ranch.
Tastiness: Acceptable, 3/5. I do not usually dig ranch dressing (I know, heavens!) and I didn't realize it was ranch until I had eaten half of it, thinking all the while, "What on earth is that weird tangy sauce?"

IMHO, the winner is McDonald's. Many more choices with much more taste, unless you really dig the Wendy's spicy thing.

Anyway, back to the blagoweb.

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