Friday, May 23, 2008

"It should come as little surprise that people who enjoy a more privileged upbringing have a better start in life." No shit.

Class and intelligence is something that every nobody can claim to be an expert about, and one particular nobody takes the freakin' cake:
[Some Twat] said: "The UK Government has spent a great deal of time and effort in asserting that universities, especially Oxford and Cambridge, are unfairly excluding people from low social class backgrounds and privileging those from higher social classes.
"Yet in all this debate a simple and vital fact has been missed: higher social classes have a significantly higher average IQ than lower social classes."
The fact that so few students from poor families get into Oxbridge is not down to "prejudice" but "meritocracy", he said.
And, of course, the low IQs of the working class are due solely to the personal laziness and lack of drive of each individual working class person. And since working class kids have all the same life opportunities, school funding, and social training of middle- and upper-class kids, it's clear that they must just be dumber. Oh well, every society needs its burger-flippers and ditch-diggers, right? Since this is all those stupid working class people are good for.
Say it with me: AAAAAAAAAAAA.


  1. Idea for a blog post: Break down the environmental and genetic factors that affect IQ, and possibly have a discussion that intelligence might not be best measured as a scalar. Maybe too much work?

  2. That's a tall order, but I have all summer. I'll see what I could do. ;)