Monday, April 14, 2008


I generally don't talk much about religion with religious people I know, and if I do I generally stay very far away from discussing why people have the religious beliefs they do. Just because it either turns into A) a conversion attempt or B) a stupid argument that does no one any good.

Even though I don't talk about it, I'm very interested in why religious people believe in the things that I do not, just because... well, a lot of people I know are intelligent, reasonable, and religious. I like to consider myself intelligent and reasonable, and frankly I am unconvinced by any religious arguments. What do they see that I don't? I could always be wrong. (It's happened plenty of times in the past.) I have had only one calm and honest conversation about exactly what my friend believed and why he believed it, and he basically had to say, "My family taught it to me, I feel like it should be true, and I don't really have anything better to tell you."

My response was something like, "Well, if that works for you, then cool." But it's not exactly what I was looking for, y'know?

So when I see things like this guy's conversion story (from atheism to Catholicism), my interest is piqued. Turns out, he was riding his bike home from work, and he was hit by a car.
Facing death, I found that I didn't really believe that if I had bee killed that my existence would have winked out of the universe. The soul is not just some metaphysical idea.
I know death sucks. I wish I could keep living until I choose to stop living. But that, unfortunately, does not make it so.

But here's the kicker. How can you know that the Catholic church's stance is What God Wants?
Instead of looking at an issue like contraception and wondering if what the Church taught were true, I had the attitude that I accepted this doctrine as true and that I needed to learn why it was true
This is not reasonable. This is no way to figure out if something is actually true or not. This is illogical. This is... madness.


If anyone has any more... reasonable? reasons to believe in something like a god, please let me know. Comments section wide open.

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