Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pittsburgh Pharyngulites?

I do not know if there are any Pharyngulites 'sides me around these parts.

If there are, I do not know where they live, or how well they can mobilize, or where they would like to go, or hell, if they're even going to read this.

But since there seems to be this meeting up thing going 'round the countryside, I'd like to chill with any 'Burghers that also like good blogs and calamari.

What say you to Hemingway's in Oakland?


  1. One here -- CMU student. Bet I could find a couple more to bring ;)

  2. Zomg awesome. How's next week looking for ya? Any day is good for me in the evenings, 'specially since Hemingways now has $5 pitchers of shots.