Sunday, February 3, 2008

I suppose I should say something about myself...

I've been interested in neuroscience since I first started college. Brains are... well, to put it simply, so cool. You have a two-pound processor in your head, capable of filtering through immense amounts of sensory information, processing and filtering and integrating it into a coherent picture, analyzing it and coming up with complex responses, and then implementing them with precision. Our basic motor and sensory systems are so complex that it takes three years to get a basic level of control. Our cognitive processes are so complex that it takes upwards of ten years to develop to a meaningful level. And still at twenty-two I find that my mind is still developing. This, out of a huge lump of densely packed neurons. How absolutely amazing is that?

I was raised in the Methodist church, and when I realized that the Christian god-man was only one in a collection of myths, it took me a long time to shake beliefs in other supernatural things. For a good year or so, I hung on to the belief in a 'soul'. Later on, when I figured that a soul was probably unnecessary, I realized how important the brain was for... well, everything. I, like every other hopeful scientist in the making, feel that the next big breakthrough will be in the field that fascinates me the most - cognitive neuroscience.

Right now I'm a lowly undergrad, with very little hands-on experience. I love the process, though, and am crawling out of my skin with anticipation for the summer and some real lab experience. Hopefully a thesis, even!

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